It’s time for a true conservative to represent Oregon in Washington D.C.

My name is Mark Callahan.  I am a father, an average American, and I love our country. As a fiscal and constitutional conservative, cut from the same cloth as Senator Ted Cruz (TX) and Senator Mike Lee (UT), I care deeply about the freedoms that the founders of our great nation established over 230 years ago. I have within my heart a sincere and motivated drive to keep secure the freedoms that our men and women in uniform have fought and died for over the generations, against the tyranny of threats both foreign and domestic.

I’m running for US Senate because I believe that Oregon deserves to be represented by a true conservative who can win in this state. No more half-way measures. No more half-conservative candidates. We need a candidate who fights for the conservative values he believes in, and who doesn’t hedge when asked to state his opinions.

I’m Mark Callahan. I am that candidate. I’m pro-life, pro-traditional religious marriage, pro-business, and pro-lower taxes. Now Let’s Get To Work on removing Ron Wyden and all the other career politicians from office who feel that government is the solution not the problem to what ails this country.

Thank you, and May God Bless America.

Mark Callahan