It’s time for a new generation in Washington D.C.

My name is Mark Callahan.  I am a father, an average American, and I love our country. As a fiscal and constitutional conservative, cut from the same cloth as Senator Ted Cruz (TX) and Senator Rand Paul (KY), I care deeply about the freedoms that the founders of our great nation established over 237 years ago. I have within my heart a sincere and motivated drive to keep secure the freedoms that our men and women in uniform have fought and died for over the generations, against the tyranny of threats both foreign and domestic.   I have filed to run for The U.S. Senate from Oregon, to replace incumbent Senator Jeff Merkley.

With less than 12 months to go until the mid-term elections, we need all hands on deck to win in November 2014.  So, together, let’s dedicate ourselves to working hard, working smart, and getting the job done.  I’m Mark Callahan. I am running for The U.S. Senate. Let’s Get To Work. Thank you, and May God Bless America.

Mark Callahan