My focus is on ensuring that Oregonians have the opportunity to vote for a candidate who will not only represent them, but who will also respect their rights as citizens, and as Oregonians.

Top Campaign Issues

 – Working together to solve the issues facing all Oregonians today, for a Brighter Future tomorrow.

 – Standing up for Oregonian’s Constitutional Rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, while protecting State’s Rights, and all this encompasses.

 – Balancing the budget by establishing an equal Flat Tax that will ensure Oregonians have sustainable lives, and Oregon businesses are able to grow, while lowering the tax burden on Oregonians.

 – Fighting for the Liberties of all Oregonians, while ensuring everyone, including Veterans, Individuals with Disabilities, Senior Citizens, and Minorities have equal representation.

 – Enforcing the Rule of Law within Oregon and the United States, which ensures Americans are safe, while still having their individual Liberties protected.