Health Care

As a Constitutional Conservative who believes in the equal rights of all Americans, I am committed to fighting for those rights. I will support legislation that would lead to cures, treatments, and solutions that would help ensure all Americans are being offered their equal opportunities to lead healthy lives. In recent years, Congress has neglected in acting upon these important steps, which has resulted in rising unemployment, homelessness, and even deaths.

Although health care reforms, such as the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), have provided insurance to more Americans, they have stagnated research and development. It has also resulted in raising costs beyond the ability for all Americans to have affordable, reliable, and accessible health care, which has resulted in poorer treatment for those suffering from chronic diseases and disabilities. I believe it is time for a new approach that ensures health care, research, and development lead Americans to healthier futures.

The Affordable Care Act stands in the way of a healthy future for America. It must be repealed, and replaced with a health care system that allows the free market system, not corrupt medical and insurance monopolies, to determine the costs of products and services to patients. Health care should not be a field for profit, and costs to the patient should be as close as possible to the costs of production for medications, medical devices, and other products.